Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's in a Page?

I had a potential client ask that question recently, so I thought I should share the information with everyone. She asked, "What exactly do you consider a page?"

It's a good question. For professional editors, a page is 250 words. They also charge anywhere from $3 to $6 a page to edit it.

But for professional betas, like us...a page is, well, a page. So, if you send us a Word doc, and the word doc says that it's 10 pages long, your doc is 10 pages. Two world-class betas will beta that for $20.

Now, we will ask you to make your pages at least 1.5 spaces between lines, but that's really so that we can read it and beta it effectively, not so that we get more pages out of you.

Also, we betas care about you, your story, and your development as an author. We'll be your cheerleaders, hand holders, and old-school English teachers. You can't buy that kind of commitment.

Beta work on a page of text? $2. Beta love for your writing? Priceless.

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