Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Specials and Winter Challenges at No Disclaimers

Winter Special

Forget Valentine's Day--this February is all about winter weather! In honor of the snow many of us are experiencing, if your story has a winter theme, you can get 1/3 of your beta services between now and March 20-- the first day of Spring.

So send us stories with blizzards, ski cabins, hot toddies, groundhogs, snow days, weather mages, or two people in love snowed in together. Or, if you're way down south (by which we mean the hemisphere), tell us about how you swelter and sweat all through February. We'll beta your work at 1/3 off.

Winter Challenge

Two people are snowed in together.


• The story should be more than 1000 words but fewer than 10,000 words. Early chapters of a novel are acceptable, but the word total should be close to 10,000 words.
• The two people must have at least a 10 year difference in their ages.
• Other people may appear in the story, but it should be about the two people snowed in together.
• Someone must cry.
• Someone must give a kiss
• The color red must feature.
• We must see the phrases:
o We’re not going that way.
o What are you looking at?
o Why doesn’t that surprise me?
o It’s not worth it.

The deadline is March 20, the first day of Spring. There will be Spring-themed prizes for the challenge winners!

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