Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick Deadline! ConverSextion Sexiest Story

ConverSextion is not a publisher or writing blog like so many who offer writing opportunities. It's actually a conversation site, filled with forums where adults can go to talk about sex and sexuality in a mature, helpful, and mutually supportive way.

It's also kind of fun, with humor, videos and--as we see today--Sexiest Story Contests!

As with all good contests, there are great prizes--in this case, cash and gift cards! Prizes are:

1st Place- $500.00 CASH!
2nd Place- $100.00 Gift Card to
3rd Place- $50.00 Gift Card to

Just so you know, sells grown-up toys, so don't go flipping through their website with your kids around!

Entries have to be in by midnight this Friday, so this is a perfect contest for anyone who has a sexy little story that they've never submitted anywhere.

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