Friday, January 8, 2010

New Publisher: Omnific Publishing

Though we try to avoid disclaimers here, I do have one. I am associated with this publishing firm. However, I don't make any money; I just think it's staffed by some pretty awesome people who care about giving new writers a chance. If your main fiction experience is writing fanfic, Omnific won't look down on you for it. They are currently accepting queries. You can also follow them and get updates on Twitter under OmnificPub.

As always, if you are interested in submitting to Omnific or any other agent or publisher, we can help you get that manuscript ready!

Omnific Publishing is a publishing company specializing in the publication of authors with a proven track record of online success in transformative works. Omnific Publishing seeks to publish their original fiction in a number of different media, including ebooks, audiobooks, and print books. Omnific Publishing is a publishing house with a myriad of resources for author development and promotion, including post submission editing with Certified Editors, associated art development, publication in various media, national marketing, and profitability.

While Omnific Publishing does not wish to limit its future possibilities, in its initial formulation, it will focus on works of fiction in the genres of romance, fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, paranormal, chick lit, and erotica.

Omnific Publishing staff are professionally trained in the fields of editing, graphic art, and audio production, and combined, hold years of experience as writers, editors, graphic artists, and audio producers in a quality-focused publication environment.

Omnific Publishing welcomes queries for novel length pieces in the above mentioned genres. Please submit your query letter and synopsis to:


  1. DUDE! This ROCKS!

    I have a hugely successful BSG fic that I've re-worked into an original story. This is JUST the place to solicit my 'Another Way' 2.0 story!

    Thanks for the link!!


  2. Absoultely give it a shot. They even have links helping us with query letters!